We have been working with locations for more than 25 years and are proud to call us one of the leading scouting services in the country. Long experience with a broad network and many contacts with local authorities permits.

Karpati Production & Locations also offers production service for photo shoot. Our location archive uses the software  Locamundo.com  yet a tool to give client various locations referring to the brief with a few clicks. We take care of location fees and contracts with private owners and can deal with any permit, crew or equipment requirements that might arise.

We will advice you with hotels rentals, model agencies, make up, wardrobe & photo assistants for your team. We are dedicated to provide the ideal location, staff and equipment for Commercial, TV, print, video, film and fashion.


Various locations in the archive.  Stockholm with surroundings and archipelago, Gotland, Åland & to the wilderness around Kiruna, north of Sweden