Film and photo shoot on location in Sweden

The aim of Karpati Production is to deliver a first class location and production service.

We will make sure to fit your film or still shoot, ensuring you have a smooth, efficient and enjoyable shoot.

Karpati Production is approved by the Stockholm Film Commission, and can deal with any permit, crew or equipment requirements that might arise.

Examples of Skylines

Examples of Watersides

Examples of Contemporary

Examples of Gotland

Examples of Lappland

Examples of Nature

Examples of Old town

Examples of Period Architecture

Examples of Still shoot

Examples of bridges

Examples of Streets

On set

Examples of Industrial

Locations in Stockholm with surroundings

With our long experience of finding shooting spots in Stockholm, we are sure to find what you are looking for. Example of areas: Stockholm archipelago, forest, Stockholm Old Town and Stockholm City, modern style

Nordic mountains, pine woods and lakes

If you are looking for the Nordic light and typical Scandinavian nature spots, here are some stunning examples: Island of Gotland with Fårö (Faro): virgin pine tree forests, ancient stone coast line and fishermen cabins. Northern Sweden: field mountains, thousands of romantic tarns and lakes and sunsets long enough to meet the sunrise. Lappland: lodge cabins, mystic white moss covered trees, nordic light and reindeers.